The study of music provides one of the earliest and best means for developing a child’s memory and mental discipline. Well before learning to walk or write, a child may demonstrate a surprisingly large musical memory and music may have a captivating effect. Subsequent music study at an early age builds on this natural connection; a sustained program of study extends a child’s memory as it adds to the store of musical knowledge and skills. In the process, a child learns to listen closely, to think about what he or she is hearing, and to develop the mental self-discipline required in studying, practicing, and performing.

Vance Music specializes in all facets of Christian music and the finest instruction in classical and popular music. We offer professional music instruction for most ages, abilities and instruments.

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Vance Music is a Qualified Educational Service Provider for the Kansas Education Enrichment Program. For more information on KEEP, visit the KEEP website to learn how your student could find assistance in defraying the cost of our educational services.

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Monthly Composer Challenge For The August 2024 Recital Drawing Is…
The composer of the month, Count Basie
Several students preparing for orchestra day. A young violin student is featured.
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