Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Where are you located?
      1. We are located in the North Riverside area of Wichita, KS. Our address is 1508 W. 19th St. N., Wichita, KS 67203-2222
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    1. What are your hours?
      1. Lessons are by appointment. We teach Monday through Saturday.
    1. What should I bring to my first lesson?
      1. For your first lesson, you will need to bring your instrument (unless studying piano or organ). If you have previous experience, bring some of the most recent music you have played. Students under the age of 18 should bring their parent or guardian to the first lesson.
    1. What payment types do you accept?
      1. We accept cash, check, debit cards, and credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover). Transaction fees are applied to payments made by debit and credit cards. We also accept gift cards.
      1. Online payments via website?
    1. Can I purchase a gift certificate?
      1. Yes. Please feel free to Contact Us if you wish to purchase a gift certificate.
    1. What supplies will I need?
      1. If you have any questions about purchasing the following items, your teacher should be able to answer your questions at the first lesson.
      1. Students should have pencils and erasable pencils.
      1. Students should have a metronome. There are several free metronome apps. If purchasing a physical metronome, we suggest Insert Amazon Link.
      1. Students studying instruments other than piano, organ, or accordion should have a tuner. There are several free tuner apps. If purchasing a physical tuner, we suggest Insert Amazon Links (vocalists need tuner that plays pitches).
      1. Students studying instruments other than piano or organ should have a music stand.
      1. Students studying guitar, ukulele, or mandolin should have a strap for their instrument, and several picks.
      1. Students should have a 3-ring binder.
      1. Students should have a bag to carry music books in.
      1. Students may need additional equipment more specific to their instruments.
      1. Online students will need additional technological equipment. Online Students Equipment
      1. NOTE FOR MJ: think about potential new student kit.
    1. What do I need to take online lessons?
      1. In addition to supplies that all students need, online students will need:
        1. A high-speed internet connection
        1. An HD 1080p external webcam Insert Amazon Link
        1. An area for the lesson that is well-lit, quiet, with good internet reception and easy access to their instrument, and all equipment at hand
        1. A red ink pen
    1. Do you sell instruments?
      1. No, Vance Music is a teaching studio. We do not sell instruments.
    1. Where should I purchase an instrument? What kind of instrument should I purchase?
      1. There are many instrument-shaped objects currently on the market that will not meet your needs as a student. Buying an instrument can be very similar to buying a car: sometimes an instrument is marked down to an attractive price, but the instrument has hidden issues that will require more repairs than the instrument is worth. Please see the links below for possible issues, and purchasing tips specific to your instrument.
      1. Make sure you can play the instrument before purchasing it to check that it is the right size, type, quality, and price for the student.
      1. Be sure you are purchasing your instrument from a reputable dealer. Reputable dealers (whether local or online) should allow you to put a down-payment on an instrument and check the quality with your teacher before you purchase the instrument. If they will not, this is a red flag that their instruments may be sub-standard. We do not recommend purchasing instruments through Amazon or Ebay, since ratings are made by non-musicians, it is impossible to play the instrument before purchasing it, and returning instruments is often very costly. We have specific dealers (both in the Wichita area and online) that we recommend. Please contact us for a list of reputable dealers for your instrument.
      1. While most beginners do not need a professional-grade instrument, often a better instrument will help the student to improve faster.
    1. What ages do you teach?
      1. We teach all ages. Students should be able to say their alphabet and count to ten before starting lessons. Parents should expect to be involved in students’ lessons and practice; this is especially important for students under the age of ten.
    1. What age do you recommend that students begin taking lessons?
      1. The sooner a student begins taking lessons, the better. A young student will often develop their muscle strength, flexibility, and ear training before they understand difficult musical concepts. An older student must develop all of these skills while learning difficult musical concepts. Usually students that start at a younger move at a slower pace to start, but then far outstrip their peers in a few years’ time.
    1. Do you teach students with disabilities?
      1. Yes, we do. We have experience teaching students with a number of disabilities, including physical, mental, and behavioral disabilities.
    1. Do you teach group lessons?
      1. Since we tailor our lessons to the individual student, we do not offer group lessons.
    1. Will you help me prepare for ____?
      1. We always ask students what their goals are when they begin lessons. We are happy to help students achieve their goals.
    1. What styles of music do you teach?
      1. We teach all styles of music. If you are interested in a specific style, please let your teacher know at your first lesson.