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  • A grand piano awaiting for students to bring it to life in recitals.

    Recitals For 2024

    In 2024, Vance Music students have the opportunity to once again perform in monthly recitals and the annual Christmas Recital.

  • A symphony orchestra performance, string section that could be performing Mozart

    Performing Mozart & More for Orchestra Day 2024

    Performing Mozart in an orchestra is quite different than as a soloist. This article aims to help students feel ready for orchestra day.

  • A young musician who is confidently ready to perform as they chose to memorize their saxophone music.

    Why Memorize Music? – Memorizing Music, Part 9

    Memorize music: we’ve focused on this for weeks. But through digital music, performing with music is quite simple. Is memorizing worth the work?

  • Dr. Mark Laycock and the Vance Music students from a past Orchestra Day.

    Sign Up For Orchestra Day 2024

    Vance Music students perform in monthly recitals, including an annual Christmas Recital. Students gain significant experience performing in front of an audience regularly.