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  • A grand piano awaiting for students to bring it to life in recitals.

    Recitals For 2024

    In 2024, Vance Music students have the opportunity to once again perform in monthly recitals and the annual Christmas Recital.

  • Talented Girl Playing Guitar With Structural Memorization Techniques

    Structural Memorization Techniques: Memorizing Music, Part Three

    This week we’ll look into structural memorization techniques to help you identify and practice with techniques that make your memory more dependable.

  • Saxophone student happy at music lesson because he used pre-memorization techniques.

    Pre-Memorization Techniques: Memorizing Music, Part Two

    Before you begin practicing, there are pre-memorization techniques you can use to prime your body and mind. Use these techniques to memorize efficiently, well, and without stress.

  • Red roses and a violin after a concert where a violinist performed by memory.

    Memorizing Music, Part One: How Do They Remember All That Music?

    How do they remember all that music? If you’ve ever watched a performer play for twenty-minutes by memory, you may have asked yourself that question. The task may seem daunting, but remembering a lot of music is a skill, and the skill can get easier simply by knowing how the brain does it.